Approved Finance

Approved Finance

Domestic Home Improvement Loans for Solar PV

Home-ResidentialSecuring finance from high street banks for PV solar panels can be difficult as many well-known lenders often don’t fully understand the technology, government incentives or the financial savings available.

Home Improvement Loans:How do they work?

If you already know how much you’re looking to borrow, great! Just Click our flexible finance option and go straight to our finance partners. Not sure about how much you need to borrow? No problem! our expert advisors can help you decide on an appropriate home improvement loan to suit you

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Here’s a breakdown of the basics:


Borrow from £2,000 – £250,000
Repay over 1 – 5 years
Good or bad credit history

Flexible terms with competitive rates from 4.5%
Finance options to suit you
Secured or unsecured loans



*All Loans are subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required.


Solar-System-FinancingPhotovoltaic (PV) Solar Panel Finance Options

The cost of installing a PV solar panel system can be significant but the financial returns are usually very good. With many years’ experience in financing renewable energy related equipment, We are able to help you secure the finance to install both roof top and ground mounted PV solar systems.

Our funding options are designed to provide you with a finance facility entirely separate to that of your bank. This leaves valuable bank facilities free to cover working capital requirements such as stock, creditors and day to day bills. Importantly you will benefit from the FiT income and power savings from the outset.


What happens next?

With our competitive home improvement finance deals, we’ll work to get you the best deal available – meaning you can get the money in your bank as soon as possible.