SUNPLUG Solar & Battery Storage

SUNPLUG Solar & Battery Storage


Fix My Energy

Pay for a cutting edge solar PV and storage system installation and we’ll give you a low cost fixed price for any solar electricity you use. It’s cheaper than buying electricity from the grid and greener too. 

We are fixing the cost of electricity from Sunplug for just 9.9p per unit (kWh) for the next 20 years. By choosing Sunplug, you get: solar panels, a battery and a smart energy app, allowing you to use solar electricity when you need it most,

even at night and you only pay to have it installed.



Stability For Life  

Your solar energy price will be fixed until 2037 at a lower price than today’s  electricity. That means you immediately save on energy you currently buy from the grid, and if the price goes up you’ll save even more.

After the fixed period, you’ll own the system and all the electricity it generates is free.



Discover more ways to reduce your bills

The Home Energy Management System, or HEMS, shows how you’re using energy so you can decide how you get the best out of solar.



Quality. Reliable. Durable.

We never compromise on quality. Each piece of the Sunplug system meets or exceeds industry standards, and is sourced only from trusted partners or industry leading manufacturers such as LG.



We’ll take care of everything

Our team of engineers are the largest and most experienced in Europe. If anything needs repairing or replacing, 

we’ll fix the problem and cover any costs.



Own My Solar & Battery Storage System


Buy and own the solar and battery system, pay £0.00 per kWh for the energy generated

Start generating green electricity with your own personal power station. Energy generated will not only be free, you’ll be able to use even more of it with the Sunplug battery and benefit from the Feed-in Tariff, a government subsidy that pays you for being sustainable.



Free electricity that’ll cut your bills

We’ll install a cutting edge solar system for you to get the best out of solar energy. You’ll immediately see a strong return on your investment by generating free electricity that you’d normally buy from the grid and if the grid price goes up you’ll save even more. In addition, you’ll be paid government subsidies for how much you generate and what you feed back to the grid.