Integrating Roof Solar PV

Integrating Roof Solar PV

Our latest Roof Integrated Solar PV 2017

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As solar power moves beyond government subsidy to become a home improvement option, its kerb-appeal is becoming more and more important. Integrated solar has come of age, and with our highest quality intergrated and aesthetics now comes at a price competitive with above-roof solar.

Roof integrated solar has always been the obvious choice when refurbishing or building a new roof. We bring high quality roof integration within reach for retrofit applications. Now more people can benefit from the advantages of going in-roof.

Working with our developers you can agree we take our installations seriously to ensure your purchase is second to non and generates you maximum energy, right from the start.



Why Choose Eco Mirage?

  • Economical – our prices refect our commitment to our industry ensuring future development across the UK
  • Rapid – we use push-fit connections create weather-tight and secure fixing
  • Compact – We only use MCS industry leading panels and fixings
  • Sleek – Making your installation clean with invisible clamps for uncluttered aesthetic
  • Simple – no need for roof modifications
  • Robust – using the highest wind resistance that is more than four times higher than competitor products
  • Universal – working with slate or tile roofing



Solar panels should last thirty years or more. In this time it is highly likely that the roof covering will need either maintenance or replacement. An on-roof system will have tiles or slates behind the panels, so the solar system would need to be decommissioned and removed before a single tile can be replaced. A simple job that can be carried out from a roof ladder by a roofing contractor has become a significant task that requires scaffolding and the involvement of an electrician or solar installer. With roof integrated solar, there are no tiles behind the panels, so all roofing repairs can be carried out while leaving the solar system in place. When using SolarEdge the system is optimised and DC safe if a fault is detected unlike traditional inverter systems.




For new roofs or extensions to existing buildings, new regulations require that all tiles are fixed with nails or clips. This makes the task of fitting an above-roof solar system afterwards very difficult. Tiles may need to be broken to access the roof structure below and attach fixing brackets. Replacing removed tiles in accordance wiht the roof fixing specification is likely to require an adhesive bond between the replaced tile and the surrounding ones.

By contrast, roof integrated solar panels can be installed easily in a new roof. Solar specialists can fix the panels and flashings before the roofing contractors fix the roof covering around them.

When installing to an existing roof, integrated solar is often seen as more work than above-roof systems. However, the task of weathering around numerous fixing hooks can be time consuming. Removing a patch of tiles or slates does not take much longer, and provides spare roof tiles that are a perfect match for any future roof repairs.



Bird Infestation

Solar panels fixed above the roof offer a safe, sheltered area behind for birds to roost or nest. While this may at first sound like a good thing to do, householders with solar installations that have been colonised in this way including noise and fouling of the panels, walls and paths below the nests. A small industry has sprung up to bird-proof above roof solar installations with spikes and mesh around the outside, further reducing their aesthetic appeal.

Clearly nests below the panels will reduce the free passage of cooling air behind solar PV panels increasing operating temperature and reducing energy yield (see next point).




A reason that is commonly given for opting for above-roof solar PV ahead of roof-integrated solar PV is that above-roof systems will operate at a lower temperature due to better ventilation. Since solar PV power output falls as panel temperature rises the argument goes that roof integrated solar will have a lower energy yield.  


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