Our SolarEdge Team

Our SolarEdge Team

What makes SolarEdge Inverters so effective?

SolarEdge inverters are increasingly popular with savvy solar customers thanks to their ability to increase the performance of a Solar PV array. Unlike standard inverters, SolarEdge has individual optimisers for each panel, which means panels perform independently from the rest of the system and can be monitored individually. This is particularly useful for properties where there is shading on some panels but not others, or where different roof orientations are being used. A slight underperformance from one panel will not have an impact on the performance of the other panels, which would be the case with many standard inverters.

Compatible with LG & Tesla Battery Powerwall system


SolarEdge has also entered a partnership with Tesla & LG, in connection with a Home Battery system. The good news for SolarEdge customers is the Home Battery will be able to be retrofitted to all Solar PV arrays that have SolarEdge inverters and StoreEdge, so no need for an inverter upgrade.


Eco Mirage Certified SolarEdge Installers


Eco Mirage Enginners installs SolarEdge inverters across the UK and all attended the latest SolarEdge Advanced Training Course run across the UK. We have Six operatives who have attained the required level of advanced training to become SolarEdge Certified Installers.



The training covered the following topics:-

  • System design with SolarEdge design software
  • Basic installation steps from start to finish
  • Site registration with the monitoring portal
  • Advanced Communication options
  • Advanced communication troubleshooting
  • Advanced Monitoring settings
  • Configuration tool & circuit board replacement
  • Overview of the SolarEdge StorEdge interface and Tesla & LG Home Battery
  • This additional training will allow us to focus on providing a more complete SolarEdge solution, in terms of interfacing with different monitoring devices, fire alarm interfaces, large scale installations, monitoring, and trouble shooting.

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