Renewable Energy Clinics’

Renewable Energy Clinics’

The Intelligent Approach to Renewable Energy


Our Renewable Energy Clinic is designed to offer free advice to dispell any myths and inform you what can and can’t improve your energy efficentcy using renewable energy products. We work with professionals such as; Architechs, Estate Agents, Designers, Property Developers and Prime Contractors on a wide rage of projects.



At Eco Mirage we give you the total confidence in your choice of renewable energy systems from Led Lighting, Energy Battery Storage through to Solar Energy Hybrid PV systems. Using the very latest energy efficient technologies for every type of property. At our clinics’ we offer free advise that will change the way you see renewable energy and how the benifits can save you money and our planet.

Working directly with the Manufactures, we can provide you with the lastest news on what’s just around the corner and what’s about to be dropped as companies offer high discounts for end of line products with very little warranty.


Getting the most from being energy efficent

To get the full benefit of improving your energy
efficiency you must first find out what are the finacial energy factors are really
 costing. You can analyse what you’re using and where, so you can make savings before looking at a renewable products.



Monitoring and reporting system are common and helps you achieve energy and water efficiencies helping you become more energy conscious. We can help audit your electricity, gas and water use to help you lower your bills, realise future savings and improve your green credentials before you commit to any contracts. We can assit you with a complete whole-house service from design to installation of a wide range of products including the financial incentives available from Solar and Heat products.


If you would like to find out more please contact us below thank you.