Solar Fire Safety System

Solar Fire Safety System





In most photovoltaIc systems, the Dc Isolator is Integrated into the Dc/Ac power Inverter. After switching off the Dc Isolator, the cables between the Dc Solar modules and DC/AC power Inverter running through the building are still subject to up to 1000 v Dc.

In the event of a fire, firefighters are exposed to a very serious source of potential Danger. The firefighter safety switch (FS) provides the solution. It Directly Disconnects the DC current In close proximity to the solar modules and creates a safer situation for firefighters. 




 Simple reasons to choose
a Firefighter Safety (FS) switch for you home or company


1. Gain valuable time in case of a fire


The FS works according to standard international Fire Fighter routines, resulting in valuable time being gained in case of a fire. This routine starts by shutting down all AC power in a house. As soon as this AC power is shut down, the FS will automatically switch o and isolate all PV modules. Fire ghters only have to follow their regular routine and do not have to waste valuable time eliminating the risk of the PV modules on the roof!


2. Completely isolates the Pv Solar modules


The FS is powered by a motorized X-type switch and can therefore be located directly at the PV modules. This minimizes the amount of cabling with dangerous high voltage and leads to a completely powerless situation in the property, maximizing safety when needed.


3. Auto reset


A power down situation can occur at any time and for many reasons. The FS has an auto reset function. The FS automatically switches off if the regular AC power is down and automatically switches on when the regular AC power is on again. No manual reset is necessary every time the power has been down!


4. The world’s most Popular DC switch


The FS is equipped with the an X-type switch, which is the most popular DC switch for PV applications. The ‘snap-action’ spring mechanism, with its response time of only 3 milliseconds, reduces the electric arc. In combination with the self-cleaning contacts, this increases durability and safety. Therefore the X-type switch has been selected by many inverter manufacturers as their no. 1 DC switch.


5. Choose the world’s leading DC fire safety system comes with


80 years of experience in developing DC switchgear for many different companies in many different and heavy industries all over the world, Our Manufacturer has proven itself to be a leading DC switchgear company. With the Fire fighter safety Switch, all knowledge and experience come together for you to keep your company, property, home, family and valuables safe.

Choose the best fire fighter switch available just speak with our team.