Sunamp Heat storage battery

Sunamp Heat storage battery

Eco Mirage looking at changing the way we store energy with Sunamp


Sunamp Ltd is a world leader in thermal energy storage, having developed a highly efficient, non-toxic, low cost heat battery system using PCM, allowing energy to be stored, as heat, when it’s available and released when needed. Heat Batteries are scalable make sense for all domestic & commercial customers who want to make their energy systems work better and deliver higher yield. Heat Batteries can deliver heat and hot water on demand, saving domestic customers £200 per year. For large-scale industrial use, deals with grid constraint and curtailment ensuring continuous generation when installed.



Heat Batteries can use excess electricity from a Solar PV array to provide hot water without the need for an immersion heater or hot water tank. It does this by electrically charging heat batteries inside the unit. Instantaneous hot water is available on demand for direct customer use or as a preheat to a combi boiler, saving up to £500 per year from your energy bills.





Stackable heat batteries are an advanced heat store designed to save money by optimising the operation of domestic renewable heat sources. It typically doubles the financial return on Heat Pumps and micro-CHP (Combined Heat and Power) systems. This system delivers hot water and heat on demand.







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